The Warships Podcast

Episode 143: We Will Fight In the Shade with Lord_Zath

Episode Summary

Hi listeners! In this episode of the Warships Podcast, Lord Zath returns again to help aid the crew for the various news topics and discussions impacting the community. The crew starts off with the news of in game events and new dazzle camouflage bundles. As well as KamiSamurai becoming a father, Congratulations! The cast discusses the impact of VMF Smolensk, and touches on other test ships like USS Ohio. A break down of the current testing of Italian cruisers and its SAP rounds are held, and the team gives their initial impressions so far. The show ends on another discussion with Submarines and talking about the game play footage shown at Gamescom. We finish the show out with the question of the week from wifeaggro about steel reward ship selection. Thank you all for your continued support and a special thank you to the Patreons who support the show. We look forward to seeing you again on the next Warships Podcast!

Episode Notes

00:40 How we're doing in Ranked
01:45 Other events & dazzle camouflage bundles
03:20 Smolensk
20:20 Ohio
23:53 Venezia and other Italian cruisers
33:42 Paolo Emilio - Italian destroyer
44:04 Gamescom and Submarines
52:57 Question of the Week by Wifeaggro - Bourgogne, Stalingrad, or Somers?

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