The Warships Podcast

Episode 142: Dive Dive Dive!!! with Lord_Zath

Episode Summary

Hi listeners! This episode of the Warships Podcast is a somber one. Kelorn has decided to move on from World of Warships and to take a break from making content. The crew will very much miss having him around on the cast as well as sailing the virtual high seas. The show however will continue to go on, and NoZoupForYou is helping the podcast by being another mainstay co-host. The show will try to continue to be the same great podcast you have known and love, but we ask patience in the scheduling and release of podcast due to the nature of each host and quest busy schedules. In this episode the crew went over a lengthy discussion about burn out, as well as covered news topics with a new Ranked Season (Season 13) out as well as some notable new ships on the Super Test Dev Blog. A closing discussion on Submarines and their official addition to the World of Warships ends the show. Due to time restraints the cast was unable to get the question of the week in, but will be saved for the next show. Thank you everyone for you patience and support of this show. Please bare with us going forward as well try to set a good schedule going forward for everyone. We look forward to seeing you again on the next Warships Podcast!

Episode Notes

00:25 Kelorn has left the Podcast & Burnout Discussion
41:56 Brief Ranked Season 13 Introduction
44:16 New Ships on the Super Test - USS California
51:21 Submarines

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