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Episode 141: SeaRaptor Tells Us About the "Fight for the Flagship" Tournament and a Few More Things

Episode Summary

Hi listeners! For episode 141 of the Warships Podcast, Sea Raptor & No Zoup join the show again to talk a myriad of topics including a massive Patch 0.8.7 Developer Bulletin that released just before the shows recording. The cast discusses the bulletin touching the new French Arc for destroyers, Ranked Sprint, UI and Battle Chat changes, Matchmaking changes and a big discussion on the upcoming Anti Aircraft fire improvements. The team continues sailing along with the recent change to the Naval Training Center, now known as the Research Bureau. No Zoup recently did a video on this subject and the crew discusses it and the continuing test ships of the USS Ohio, HMS Thunderer, Colbert, and KMS Siegfried. Rounding out this discussion, some of the new Italian cruisers are coming on the Player Test Server (PTS) in conjunction with the Research Bureau. The new Semi Armor Piercing (SAP) ammo type is covered on the Developer Bulletin as well as the fuel smoke ability called Full-Throttle Smoke Generator. To close the show, the cast discussed two questions of the week from HoldMyBeer on the WoWS forums and INSHUNTER1948 from Facebook. Thank you kindly to every supporter of this show and thank you to our Patreons. Your help is instrumental! We look forward to seeing you again on the next Warships Podcast! Aerroon: I hope there aren't many sync issues. I tried correcting them (IT TOOK A LOOOONG TIME), but I'm not sure if I got all of them.

Episode Notes

00:51 Fight for the Flagship Tournament
04:15 French Arc
18:21 0.8.7 Developer Bulletin
20:00 Matchmaking Changes
26:52 AA Changes and Carrier Chat
49:02 Research Bureau
1:00:44 Colbert, Ohio, Thunderer
1:15:23 Italian Cruiser on PTS
1:23:14 Question of the Week from HoldMyBeer
1:30:17 Question of the Week from INSHUNTER1948

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